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Jason Douglas Lewis - The Olympics of CrossFit Commence

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The Olympics of CrossFit Commence

Photos by Jason Lewis

Article originally published by The ATLX Channel. www.atlxtv.com

By Jason Lewis
ATLX Feature Writer

The slogan for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games is "The Fittest on Earth."  That's no joke, and they're not just talking about the athletes on the field competing at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.  The officials are fit, the announcers are fit, the cameramen are fit, the event staff guys are fit, just about every spectator in the stands is fit.  Even the ATLX Channel guy is fit. 

CrossFit has truly brought the fittest people on the planet together for this event, which is pretty much this sport's Olympics.  Usually an exposed six pack of abs will turn heads, but here at the CrossFit Games, everybody has them.  Everybody has well defined arms.  Everybody looks like they can knockout a set of 15 pull-ups with ease, toss huge amounts of weights over their head, and everybody looks like they get in their road work in the morning routinely. 

To win at the CrossFit games an athlete has to do all of those things, and a whole lot more.  The typical athlete has to have a certain set of attributes, which are geared toward their sport.  A 100-meter sprinter has to be extremely fast, and being strong can help with that.  A distance running has to have the endurance to run at a certain pace for a long period of time.  But at the CrossFit games, an athlete has to be good at both of those things, and be able to swim, and be able to climb over obstacles, and be able to push and pull heavy weights from a number of different angles.  This is a true test of athletic ability across several mediums. 

The CrossFit Games have become international.  Since CrossFit, Inc. was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, over 6,000 gyms worldwide have opened out.  The very best athletes from those gyms, or boxes as they call them, find their way to the CrossFit Games to battle it out for a $275,000 prize. 

A number of the events at the CrossFit Games were not released to the public, or to the athletes themselves.  The athletes find out what the events will be hours before they have to perform.  They have to quickly learn how to do it, and then jump right into it, making the challenges even tougher.  In a way, skill has been taken out of some of the events.  Because the competitors do not get to practice for several months to perfect the movements of the events, they have to rely solely on their athletic abilities.

This competition is fun to watch, and it will make the viewer want to get to the gym as soon as possible. 

ESPN has live coverage of the CrossFit Games throughout the weekend, with the games concluding on Sunday.  For more information, visit http://games.crossfit.com


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