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Jason Douglas Lewis - Athlete’s Corner: You’re here…and they’re not!

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Athlete’s Corner: You’re here…and they’re not!

Jordin Canada is one of the best high school basketball players in the nation.  One reason is that she works out harder than her opponents.  Photo by Jason Lewis


Jeff Johnson is a former football and baseball player from here in Los Angeles.  He trains athletes on the field, and also in the hills.  Photo by Jason Lewis

Article originally published by the Los Angeles Sentinel. www.lasentinel.net

By Jason Lewis
Sentinel Sports Editor (2010-2013)

Trainer Jeff Johnson’s message to the athletes that he trains is simple. 

“You’re here…and they’re not!”

Johnson is referring to the athlete’s opponents, who are more than likely not getting the type of training that Johnson Elite Sports (JES) offers.

“I’m letting these guys and ladies know that we’re going above and beyond what their opponents are doing,” Johnson said.  “It’s more than just physical.  It’s also mental.  I get them to where they have to tap into mental their capacity in order to finish the workout.  If you do that, when you do get tired and frustrated during the course of a game in basketball or football, now your muscle memory will tap back into the training.”

The high intensity training that Johnson has provided in the Los Angeles area has not only helped out professional athletes, but also a number of local high school athletes who compete in football, basketball, and soccer. 

A number of Johnson’s high school athletes are being recruited by some of the top colleges in the nation.  Jordin Canada, who is one of the nations top girl’s basketball players in the country, out of Windward High School, improves her quickness with the help of Johnson.  Being a point guard, speed and quick feet are a must for her, and Johnson provides training to enhance her talents and abilities. 

The summer is the best time for the training that Johnson provides, because it is one of the few times where an athlete can really focus on different aspects of their game. 

“The offseason is the season,” Johnson said.  “The games are won and the championships are won during the offseason.  All the greats like Jerry Rice and Michael Jordan were all great at coming back the next year improving or enhancing multiple things.  So the season to me, as a performance coach/trainer, is the offseason.”

Johnson trains a number of athletes, professional, college, high school, and youth, at local parks and gyms, including Jackie Robinson Stadium and Kenneth Hahn Park.    

For more information about JES, visit their website at http://eliteathletesla.com/.

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