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Jason Douglas Lewis - Sure, the current USA basketball team could beat the Dream Team

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Sure, the current USA basketball team could beat the Dream Team

The Dream Team (left) had some of the greatest basketball players ever, while the current team has many of the best players of today, but they are not stacked with Hall of Famers. 

Please do not argue with the Sports Editor.  That’s like taking David over Goliath… oh wait… well, anything can happen.  Illustration by David G. Brown

Article originally published by the Los Angeles Sentinel. www.lasentinel.net

By Jason Lewis
Sentinel Sports Editor (2010-2013)

Kobe Bryant is absolutely correct when he says that the current USA Olympic basketball team could beat the 1992 Dream Team… that’s if they were given about 10 shots at it.  They’re bound to win at least once.  But to compare these two teams, that’s just not a good idea. 

The Dream Team was full of Hall of Famers.  Even Christian Laettner!  This current USA team has some players who will make it to the Hall of Fame, but they also have players who will never get a sniff of that honor. 

The Dream Team had players at every position who can be considered among the greatest of all time, but this current team, outside of Bryant and LeBron James, and at some point in the future Kevin Durant, most of the players on the current team are some of the best of today, but of all time?  Nope. 

Looking at the rosters, this current team has a big problem at center, where Tyson Chandler is the only one on the roster.  He plays great defense, but is he really going to stop Patrick Ewing or David Robinson?  He might give them some issues at times, but he’s not going to be able to stop those two Hall of Famers all of the time. 

And what happens when Chandler is not in the game?  Because when Ewing is out of the game, Robinson will be in.  When Robinson is out, Ewing will be in.  So the Dream Team will always have a Hall of Fame center in the game, while the current team will have a good defensive center in the game, but when Chandler is out, the Dream Team is going to have a field day down below. 

With Blake Griffin out, this current team only has one true power forward in Kevin Love, who is a really good player.  But he has to compete against Karl Malone and Charles Barkley.  That’s just not a fair match up. 

The Dream Team would dominate in the low post. 

The current team is really loaded with perimeter players, with the likes of Bryant, James, Durant, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony. 

But the Dream Team had Michael Jordan, which would win the argument right there.  Then toss in Magic Johnson.  Even two years out of the league he was a better point guard than Paul, Williams, or Westbrook.  And the Dream Team had one of the greatest point guards ever in John Stockton coming off the bench. 

The Dream Team was so great that they did not even need to play Larry Bird, who had a bad back. 

And do not forget about Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen coming off the bench. 

Who is coming off of the current team’s bench?  James Harden, and Andre Iguodala.  Wow, advantage Dream Team, and it is laughable now. 

From top to bottom the Dream Team was loaded with a number of the greatest players ever, where as the current USA team  has holes and players who are not Hall of Famers. 

Really looking at Bryant’s comments, that’s just the competitor in him.  He could be on a team with D-Leaguers and he’d still say that they could beat the Dream Team. 

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