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Jason Douglas Lewis - Los Angeles High School’s Christopher Agee

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Los Angeles High School’s Christopher Agee

Christopher Agee is following in the footsteps of his mother and his siblings, who all attended Los Angeles High School.  The junior excels at linebacker and has a 3.5 grade point average.  Photo by Jason Lewis

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant David C. Jordan addresses the Los Angeles High School football team after he presented Agee with the Student Athlete of the Week award.  Jordan spoke about the benefits of joining the army.  Photo by Jason Lewis

Article originally published by the Los Angeles Sentinel. www.lasentinel.net

By Jason Lewis
Sentinel Sports Editor (2010-2013)   

When Christopher Agee and his mother were selecting a high school for him it was an easy choice.  His mother and his six older siblings all attended Los Angeles High School, and he wanted to continue the tradition. 

Agee did not continue the tradition by simply enrolling at the school.  He takes great pride in excelling athletically and academically. 

The junior plays on the football team, where he is a linebacker, runs track, and he maintains a 3.5 grade point average while taking AP classes.
For Agee’s mother, sports and academics go hand in hand.  She was concerned with him playing sports, but he manages his time well enough to get good grades, which allows him to stay on the football team. 

On the field, Agee a 6-foot tall, 170 pound linebacker, and he has played on the varsity team since his freshman year.  LA High did not have a JV team then, so he had to play varsity, but hard work led him to getting playing time that year.

“When I was moved up to varsity all of the spots were taken, but I took this senior’s spot because he was slacking off,” Agee said.  “The coach gave me a chance and I showed him that I could play.”

Agee lined up at defensive end that season, even though he was undersized to play the position.  But he was a natural athlete, so he was able to get a few sacks that season.  He also played defensive end his sophomore season, but now he is playing linebacker, which is a position that is more suited for a player his size, and so far he is liking the position change a lot.

“You get a whole different angle of the field, and you can take different angles to get to the point of the tackle,” Agee said.

Agee likes that he is now involved in pass coverage, but like any defensive front seven player, he still likes to rush the quarterback when ever he gets a chance to, and he likes to get a big hit on any ball carrier.

“I feel the rush, and I feel like I have to get some more of that,” Agee said.

Being intelligent has helped Agee greatly as a player, and he says that staying focused on his assignments on the football field is one of his best attributes.  His head coach, Horace Brown, agrees with that, which is why he has moved Agee from outside linebacker to middle linebacker.

“For him it’s easy to read a defense and it is easy for him to remember plays, to understand plays, and to breakdown the team’s offense,” Brown said.  “A lot of times you have to be able to anticipate what the offense is going to do on the field, and he’s able to do that.”
Brown not only recognizes Agee’s intelligence, but also his athletic ability.

“He’s a super athlete,” Brown said.  “He’s able to cover both sides of the field, he’s able to get into the backfield of the offense.  He’s a great tackler, and he has good hands.  His speed has increased because he ran track.  I absolutely believe that he can be a college D1 candidate next year.  When you combine his athleticism with his academic achievements, he’ll be a No. 1 candidate to go to any school.”

Brown also raves about Agee’s personality.

“He’s an all around good student, polite young man, well mannered, well disciplined, very respectful, and it is an honor to have somebody like him on the team,” Brown said.

Agee has been able to excel on such a high level because he manages his time correctly.  He makes sure that he gets all his assignments done right when he gets home, which pleases his mother greatly.

“She tells me that when it is time for sports, to be in that mood or have that attitude, but when it is time to learn, to have a learning attitude,” Agee said.  “To wake up in the morning and get your stuff done to play sports.”

Agee’s favorite subjects are history and English, both of which are AP classes for him.

“I like to have the knowledge of past events, and how we became this nation,” Agee said.  “The American Revolution and the Civil War are my favorite parts of history.”

Agee takes life lessons out of learning about the history of the United States, and slavery is one subject that he has paid close attention to and he has a strong opinion on.

“We’re all equal and on the same level,” Agee said.  “You can’t put yourself before God to judge somebody of another skin color.”

Agee believes that attending college will set him up for his adult life, and that when he has a family, he will be able to support them better by having a college degree. 

Agee has a great support system, and having his older brother, who is the JV coach, on campus everyday has helped him greatly.
“It helps out because if he sees something he’ll always tell me about it, and he tells me what I need to focus on,” Agee said.

Premier Peavey, who graduated from LA High in 2005, has kept a close eye on his younger brother, and wants him to have a similar experience that he and his other siblings had at LA High.

“My experience has always been a growing experience,” Peavey said.  “For each and every one of us that has gone here we grew and learned a lot.  It helped us develop the type of character that we wanted to see in ourselves and that our mother wanted to see us.”
Peavey takes a lot of family pride in seeing his brother follow in the footsteps of the rest of the family.

“Personally I felt it was a big deal that he come here, and it was a big deal to my mother because she wanted him to be somewhere where he’s close to me and that I can keep an eye on him and make sure that he continues on the right path that we want him to go on,” Peavey said.

A path through LA High and on to college has been set for Agee, and he is making sure that he stays on that path to make his family and community proud.

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