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Jason Douglas Lewis - On the Soapbox- Floyd Mayweather: The boxer everybody loves to hate

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On the Soapbox- Floyd Mayweather: The boxer everybody loves to hate

An upset Floyd Mayweather knocks out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round after an illegal head butt delivered by Ortiz. 

Photo by Eric Jamison (SP) 

Please do not argue with the Sports Editor.  That’s like dropping your guard in front of Floyd Mayweather after cheap shotting him with a head butt.  It’s just a bad idea.  Illustration by David G. Brown

Article originally published by the Los Angeles Sentinel. www.lasentinel.net

By Jason Lewis
Sentinel Sports Editor (2010-2013)

The public hatred of boxer Floyd Mayweather has reached a fever pitch, and it is just silly at this point.  No matter what the issue is, people will always pick the other side just because they despise the fighter who is arguably the pound-for-pound greatest boxer in the world.

That was clear in the aftermath of Mayweather’s latest victory, when he had his way with Victor Ortiz for three plus rounds, and then ended the fight with a knockout blow that is being considered a sucker punch.

People hate Mayweather so much that they are ignoring the fact that the final moments of Saturday night’s fight were sparked by Ortiz head butting Mayweather. 

Ortiz seemed to figure out that he was not going to be able to hit Mayweather after countless missed punches, so the only way that he could hurt Mayweather was by ramming his head into Mayweather's chin. 

It was a calculated risk because if the butt did cause real damage it would have only cost Ortiz a point on the scorecards.  Seeing that Mayweather was easily going to outpoint Ortiz, the scorecards did not matter much to him.  So he took the risk, and a dirty one at that.

After a few apologies, Mayweather was still hot, which most likely led to him taking what is being called a sucker punch that knocked Ortiz out. 

Was it a sucker punch?  Well, yes!  Was it within the rules?  Yes!  Did Ortiz have it coming after the dirty head butt!  Yes!

Sucker punches are wrong, but how can Ortiz complain after he delivered an illegal head butt, and how can the public act as if Mayweather is a dirty fighter and ignore what Ortiz did to start the whole thing?

There is one big difference in what Mayweather and Ortiz did.  Ortiz’s blow was totally illegal, while Mayweather’s was 100 percent legal.  So why is Mayweather taking all the heat in this situation?

It is because many fans cannot be objective when it comes to Mayweather. 

If this was the other way around, and Ortiz knocked Mayweather out with a sucker punch, the public would be championing Ortiz’s cause.  They would love that somebody stuck it to Mayweather. 

To take it a step further, in the failed negotiations with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather demanded Olympic style drug testing, while Pacquiao initially refused. 

Sports fans have been fed up with the steroid using athletes, and most have wanted to rid sports of the performance enhancing drugs. 
But when Mayweather tries to clean up the sport, people call him scared instead of applauding him for taking a stance that people wish most athletes would take. 

If Pacquiao was the one that was taking a stance against steroids, he would be considered a sports savior, and the public would use that as one more reason why he is so great. 

But it is Mayweather, the villain, who is standing up for what sports fans claim that they want.  He is giving people what they have been screaming for, and he is hated for it. 

It makes absolutely no sense at all. 

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